photo by Elisabeth Fuchsia

Rachel Rizzo was born in Providence, Rhode Island and raised on the southern coast of Massachusetts. As a young introvert, Rizzo felt most at home while drawing, swimming in the ocean or playing alone in the woods. She spent her teen years hidden in her bedroom, lost in a world of researching artists, drawing and painting. Over time, she discovered the local warrens of New England’s underground and decided that art school was her only option. Rizzo is currently an artist and organizer in Boston’s DIY art and music community and a full time Visual Art Educator at a Boston Public School. Her paintings prints and drawings explore personal mythology and identity, fantasy and escape, the natural world, symbolism and abstraction, and more recently the way we interact with images and icons in digital and physical space.

In addition to showing her work in basements, hallways and houses throughout the Boston area, Rachel’s work has also been exhibited at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Aviary Gallery, Washington Street Art Center, Gateway Arts, Artists for Humanity, and Fourth Wall Gallery in Boston. She holds a Master of Fine Arts from Massachusetts College of Art and Design’s Boston Low Residency program, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in both Studio Education and Painting from Massachusetts College of Art and Design.